Healthcare in Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands. It is also the 4th most populated country with more than 240 million people. With a population that large, Indonesia is made up of a variety of religions, ethnic groups and languages. Finding that it was lacking in healthcare infrastructure and …

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Healthcare in India

India has a form of universal healthcare. The Indian Constitution states that everyone has the right to health and makes healthcare the responsibility of the state rather than that of the central government. Despite the state funded healthcare, there is a severe shortage of resources and many people end up paying out-of-pocket for services. …

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Healthcare in China

Throughout most of the 20th century China struggled with their healthcare systems but by the year 2000, China started to make reforms that greatly improved its healthcare. Before the changes started around only 20% had some form of health insurance but by 2011 95% of the population had basic coverage. Currently, China has two healthcare programs. …

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